Erasmus: Workshop “Raised Beds”

Posts über unser Erasmus-Projekt erscheinen in Englischer Sprache – Übersetzung? | Posts about our Erasmus project appear in English – Translation?

The creative search for areas for recreation and play are becoming increasingly necessary in ever denser cities. Urban gardening is a special form of urban agriculture, with raised beds playing an increasingly important role. Urban gardening is a worldwide trend that originated in the U.S., because as early as the 1970s, people in New York were growing their own fruit and vegetables in the middle of the city. In Europe, too, people are taking a renewed interest in the origin, cultivation and processing of food. With their own cultivation on the terrace, on the balcony or on freely available areas, people can access fresh food at any time, even in the city, and additionally relax while gardening. The third workshop offer therefore consisted of jointly building two raised beds, which are now available on an inner-city children’s playground.

The workshop Thursday marked the end of the week’s program for our Erasmus exchange students. On Friday it was time to say goodbye – until we meet again in Romania, Spain and France! We are more than excited to see what our partners will present to us in terms of opportunities and projects in their countries that show how we can work together in solidarity for a fairer world.

Because our Spanish partners could not participate in this exchange week due to a strike and could not come to Augsburg until May, we came up with an extra program for them. Stay tuned!

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