Erasmus: Delicious Spanish Food

Posts über unser Erasmus-Projekt erscheinen in Englischer Sprache – Übersetzung? | Posts about our Erasmus project appear in English – Translation?


Integration goes through the stomach. As with the pupils from Romania and France, the Spanish guests also cooked together to say goodbye. Integration and intercultural learning can also be served via cooking. Just like the pupils from Romania and France our Spanish guests cooked together at our farewell party which took place in the rooms of the Werkstatt Solidarische Welt. After a short guessing game on eating and consumption habits, the pupils from Murcia prepared typical Spanish specialities for the pupils and teachers of the Augsburg Free Waldorf School and for us. Even if not all ingredients needed for this menu were available – we could not find fresh lemon leaves for the dessert – the improvised Spanish “French Toasts” were absolutely delicious and the courgette omelette definitely was a meal to remember!

After two exciting weeks with our guests from Romania, France and Spain, we are now looking forward to our first exchange trip. In October, we will travel to France together with the Free Waldorfschule. Rodez awaits us and we are excited to see what programme our French partners have come up with for us and the other partner schools to make the world better for all in solidarity. Stay tuned!

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