Erasmus: A Walk to the Pastures of the Aubrac Cows

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After our visit to the cheese factory in Laguiole the two farmers Nadeshda and Patrick took us on a tour to the pastures of their cows.

Nadeshda showed us an ecological path leading to the high plateau where they keep their Aubrac cows for the period from May to November. The Aubrac is an old race of cows, very robust and with beautiful eyes. Nadeshda and Patrick have 80 of them and they know all of them: you could see that they had a special loving relationship with them.

The high plateau (with more than 1000m altitude) is a vast and lonely area, barren but beautiful. In summer these pastures are full manifold herbs and flowers which give a special taste to the meat of the cows. In wintertime it can get very cold there.

In former times in summer the pastoralists lived in little stonehuts (the burons) on the pastures with their cows and made the cheese in these little stonehuts. Today only mothercows are on the pastures and the farmers come every two days to them but they live in the village. And the cheese is made at the cooperative out of milk of cows which are kept near the village.

We liked the peaceful landscape of the pastures and the beautiful cows. It was a great experience to see the dedication of the two farmers and to get to know this good way of keeping domestic animals.

At the end of this exchange trip to Rodez an in preparation of our next topic in Suceava/Romania we watched the movie “Where is Anne Frank” together.


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