Erasmus: A Visit to the Musée Soulages de Rodez

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Pierre Soulages (born 1919 in Rodez) is one of the most important abstract artists. He worked until his death in 2022 and is famous for his paintings outre-noir, complex compositions of the colour black in grooves and furrows which keep changing with the reflections of light.

In 2005 Soulages donated 500 of his paintings to his hometown Rodez which resulted in the building of a museum by the Catalonian architects RCR who got the Prixner Prize. The museum opened in 2014 and is only dedicated to the work of Soulages. The architecture is very impressive – inserted into its environment, using an existing slope. 1,700 square meters of exhibition space are organized by means of a long circulation block stretching parallel to the street that the visitor enters from and intersecting with several transversal volumes to create the building’s exterior image: a set of boxes of varying height, depth, and separation, but following a rhythmic order. With their blind facades, the boxes fill with the mysterious light that carefully seeps in through the skylights.

We got a guided tour by the director of the museum, Benoit Decron who explained us the importance of Soulages in abstract painting.


From the abstract, we returned to concrete practical examples. We got to know the winemaking Cooperative in Valady first.



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