Erasmus: A Visit to the Cooperative de Valady

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As an example for production in solidarity we visited the winemaking Cooperative in Valady which known for its Wine Marcillac.

Marcillac is a rather small appellation in France with a terroir of only 200 hectares. To this cooperative belong 120 hectares and 40 winemakers. These winemakers only grow one type of wine, the Mansoir, which is an old type of wine belonging to this area. The cooperative is responsible for all the work steps after the harvest of the grapes to the sale of the bottled wine. They have their own oenologist who advises the winemakers to increase the quality of the wine.

The winemakers get a guaranteed monthly amount of money depending on the quantitiy and quality of the grapes they give to the cooperative. This gives them an economic basis and stability because the wine has to mature for three years before it is sold. A small quantitiy of wine is matured in barrique and has to get even older before sale.

Transparency, Equity and Solidarity are the Values of the cooperative.

We were lucky to get there just one day after the last day of the harvest and could see all the different work steps in the cellar. We could even taste the juice of the grapes which was delicious.

After the visit we made a walk through the scenic village of Valady to get an impression of the atmosphere. After a picnic “sur l’herbe” we made a walk to the waterfalls at Salles-la-Source enjoying the peaceful rural landscape.

The next visit took us to the Cooperative Fromagère Jeune Montagne.


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