Erasmus: Workshop “The situation of refugees in Suceava and the Bucovine”

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One team of the Romanian students showed us the results of their research: First they discussed the difference between refugees and migrants. They provided the background of the War between Ukraine and Russia which caused the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War: 8 million Ukrainians were displaced, 7.9 million Ukrainians have fled the country until January 2023. In impressive films they showed us how the reception of Ukrainian refugees at the beginning of the war in 2022 was organised in Romania. The county of Suceava was especially affected because Siret – about 40 km from Suceava – was one of the main border crossings for the refugees. In a very short period mobile camps had to be built on the territory near the border to accommodate the refugees. They had to be supplied with food, they had to be registered and the transport to temporary accommodation and to other countries had to be organised.
Around 87000 Ukrainian refugees stayed in Romania, so there is now the task to integrate them.

Then the debate club of the school (an extracurricular group, which organizes itself, the older pupils teaching the younger ones) had a debate on the statement:

“This House believes that pro-refugee advocacy groups should portray refugees as valuable contributors to society rather than victims of their circumstances.”

Three speakers were advocates of the opinion that it is better to create pity and empathy to raise funds for help. Three speakers argued that empathy weakens in a short time and help disappears and that it would be better to show the contributions refugees could give to society.

Next came an intersting workshop on transborder projects.


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