Erasmus: Romania awaits us

Posts über unser Erasmus-Projekt erscheinen in Englischer Sprache – Übersetzung? | Posts about our Erasmus project appear in English – Translation?

The next exchange trip as part of our Erasmus project is just around the corner. From 22 to 26 April, we and our partner schools will be travelling to Romania. More precisely, to the Bukovina region in the north-east of the country. Our partner school Colegiul Național “Petru Rareș” awaits us in the city of Suceava in the southern half of Bukovina.

The content of this exchange visit is centred around the topic of “flight and migration”. The content of this exchange visit is centred around the topic of “flight and migration”. Romania and Ukraine share a border over 600 kilometres long. Since the end of February 2022, around 3.5 million Ukrainians have fled to Romania via the various border crossings. The response there was exemplary, with open arms: All arriving refugees were taken in and, for the most part, given private accommodation. There are still around 94,000 in the country. Suceava has become a centre of refuge for a particularly large number of refugees.

In the run-up to the visit to Romania, all of the students from the partner schools had already analysed how refugees live in their respective countries and home towns, where they come from, what support services are available and what problems, dreams and wishes they have. How do society and the authorities deal with these people?

We are looking forward to seeing what the students have discovered and learnt, what differences and similarities will emerge, what we can learn from each other – and of course to the exchange and a reunion itself. Our hosts from “Petru Rares” have put together an interesting programme for the week.


We are looking forward to it and will certainly have a lot to talk about when we return.

Stay tuned!


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