Erasmus: Homework – The situation of refugees

Posts über unser Erasmus-Projekt erscheinen in Englischer Sprache – Übersetzung? | Posts about our Erasmus project appear in English – Translation?

In preparation for the trip to Romania, the students investigated the situation of local refugees in their cities.

Millions of people are fleeing war, hunger and persecution. It is essential to look at the background to flight, the many different individual fates of refugees and their situation in the countries of arrival if we are to create a fairer world, a better world of solidarity.

In the run-up to the trip, all of the students had analysed the situation of refugees in their respective countries and home towns, researched facts and conducted interviews. The results – mainly in the form of short films – were presented in Suceava.


Short film Waldorfschool (Augsburg/Germany)

Short film Lycée François d’Estaing (Rodez/France)

Short film IES Aljada (Murcia/Spain)


An impressive start – Welcome at Colegiul Petru Rares!


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