Erasmus: A Visit to the Monastery of Dragomirna

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A visit to the world famous monasteries is a must for every visitor of the Bucovina. Most of the monasteries originate from the time of Stephan the Great (1433 – 1504): He built 43 monasteries to celebrate his victories over his enemies. In 1993 the monasteries with frescos on the exterior walls like Voronet, Suceavita, Arbore and Humor were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many motifs are inspired by Biblical episodes such as the Last Judgement at Voronet. Everyday life inspired other motifs which make the monasteries not only important religious relics, but also interesting historical structures.

We visited the Monastery of Dragomirna which was founded later around 1602 on the banks of a lake and was enlarged to its current size and shape somewhere between 1608 und 1609. Dragomirna has no fresco facades, but its 42 m high steeple is the highest one of the monasteries. The facades are surrounded by a stone-carved frieze formed of three interweaving strips – a sign of the unity of the nation and faith. The steeple is ornamented with stone-carved floral and geometrical motifs, inspired by Caucasian art.

Next, our excursion took us out into nature. More precisely, into the forest.


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