Erasmus: A Visit to the Alliance Francaise de Suceava

The Alliance Francaise has its seat in 135 countries. In Romania there are 4 Instituts Francais and 5 Alliance Francaise, one of them has been in Suceava for about three years.

The main objectives of the Alliance Francaise is to develop the instruction of the French language and to promote French culture.

Mariana Sovea, the director of the Alliance Francaise in Suceava, explained how you can learn French there and how they award diplomas. They offer a wide range of cultural activities like the Festival du Film Francais or Le Chanteur du mois.

Our students had the opportunity to visit a course in drawing comics.

Another visit was on the agenda. This time to a local NGO called EDNAE.


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erstellt am: 21.06.2024 von Julia Kabatas

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