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Werkstatt Solidarische Welt e.V.

Who we are
The World Solidarity Organization “Werkstatt Solidarische Welt e.V.” was founded in Augsburg in 1980 together with the fairtrade shop “Weltladen”. The objective of both organizations is to create an opportunity for solidarity actions without borders in Augsburg. Our activities include education, creating a fair work environment, formation of proper political asylum policy, and supporting individual projects abroad.

World Solidarity Organization is currently organizing different events in Augsburg. For example The African Week held in November, Asian Days event conducted throughout spring, the Campaign for peace in cooperation with World Carnival in summer, and Fairtrade Week in September. We also offer individual lectures, concerts, discussions, conferences and meetings to our community.

Through educational activities and outreach, our organization informs the community of unjust structures in the world trading system and in international politics, whilst at the same time recommending possible courses of action. Our organization supports the joint economic policy and aims to strengthen the global thinking within the urban policy of Augsburg. World Solidarity Organization represents Augsburg’s north-south work center.

Our organization offers:
– North-South archive on the topic “United world”
– Educational materials on the topics of global learning
– Proposals for schools
– Management and maintenance of fair trade in Augsburg
– Colonial tours throughout Augsburg

World Solidarity Organization operates on the principles of autonomy, public benefit and independence from political parties. Our organization consists of professional employees and volunteers. Our operations are funded through the kind donations of different organizations. Most of our educational projects are funded by development associations and we have financial support from the city of Augsburg.

Werkstatt Solidarische Welt e.V.
Weiße Gasse 3
86150 Augsburg
Tel.: 0821/ 3 72 61
Fax: 0821/ 15 67 40
Mail: wsw@werkstatt-solidarische-welt.de
Internet: www.werkstatt-solidarische-welt.de

Translation by Marine Akhradnaze